KAVAN Beta 1400 – Beginner RC Glider

98% ready-made model of a motor glider of extruded polyolephine (EPO) foam with a brushless motor. Aileron, elevator and rudder control. A brushless motor, 20A ESC and 4 servos installed. Complete RTF set with 8-channel T8FB 2.4GHz FHSS RC set, 3S LiPo flight pack and quick charger.

The new Kavan Beta 1400 keeps the familiar curves of the original Beta 1400 – yet she is a completely new model with slightly different dimensions, new wing section, new brushless motor with a folding propeller and finest accessories. New moulds and advanced EPO foam moulding technologies incorporated ensure all parts are much finer and precise.Beta 1400 – a tireless training workhorse – is a great choice for newcomers; she will help finding your way from initial prangs to the basics of aerobatic flying or thermal soaring without much fuss. Sunday flyers will find her to be a compact and easy-to-carry model for amazingly relaxing flying.

Beta 1400 is a great motor glider/elementary trainer powered by a brushless motor featuring aileron, elevator and rudder control. Rugged, yet light, airframe made of virtually unbreakable EPO foam makes her crash-proof – or at least easy to repair if something really serious happened.

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